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The Apart label looks back on over forty years of company history. In its casual line, you can find a sporty, elegant look which is ideal for everyday wear as well as for the office. High quality natural fabrics,such as cotton and cashmere, are combined with flattering and delicately shaping slihouttes, which are both laidback and do not constrict. "Apart Glamour" features festive evening dresses for that special occasion.

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  1. Apart Polka dot pleated chiffon dress
    4.5833333333333 (12)
    Polka dot pleated chiffon dress
    $152  $47
  2. Apart Layered chiffon dress
    4.5 (10)
    Layered chiffon dress
    $181  $88
  3. Apart Caped chiffon dress
    4.4 (5)
    Caped chiffon dress
    $193  $90